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Richter Brewery Pub

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Richter Brewery Pub or Pivovar u Bulovky is not a place that you will find by chance while having a leisurely stroll. It is rahter far from the centre. The easiest and fastest way to get there is taking Metro B to Palmovka and from there another few more minutes by tram (10, 24, 25) to the stop Bulovka, then you will still have to walk another 100m or so.

A friend who had been there at a concert recommended it. I had never been in the area (and, honestly, was not missing much), so I had to do a bit of research on the internet to find it (my friend didn't remember the exact location). I finally decided to go one day and, actually, I walked past without noticing it. This hospoda does not announce itself with much fuss, so if you are a bit distracted you could be standing right at the door and still wonder where it is.

It's not a very big place that in a way feels more like a German bierstübe than a classic Czech hospoda. The walls and the bar are paneled with dark wood that matches the heavy furniture, and the windows don't let in too much light. All is dominated by the kettles where the house beers are brewed. It is one of those places where you don't notice the hours passing.

The food is really good. Prepared with a lot of care and attention to the presentation and, at the same time, using simple ingredients and methods. The portions are big enough and the prices more than reasonable. At midday they have a lunch menu with a soup and two choices of main course for 75Kc.

But what makes me go all the way there is the beers.
There are always two or three on tap, Richter Ležák being the one available every day, the rest will depend a lot on what Mr Richter felt like cooking. Most beers are not the usual stuff you can find at most places in Prague. There are a lot of top fermented kinds like Porter, Alt, Stout or Weizenbock together with different lagers, and even once an hybrid, all of them very good, sometimes simply great.

The only weak spot is the service, that can sometimes be slow and a bit erratic, making you wait longer than you would like to order or pay.

In a nutshell, Pivovar u Bulovky is a place where your really must fancy going, but bothering to do so is really worth it. You can be sure to find good food, great beer in a nice atmosphere and completely safe from tourist groups.

But be aware, Richter Brewery is very popular with people from the neighbourhood, it fills very quickly and it gets very noisy, specially on Friday evenings when usually there are concerts. So if you think of making your way there, be sure to have a reservation.

Richter Brewery
Pivovar u Bulovky
Bulovka 17
180 00 Praha 8 – Libeň


  1. It is my dream to make it to Richter Brewery someday. I have read about Mr. Richter. I hear he is quite a famous and ingenious brewer. Did you get the chance to meet him?
    How good is the beer?

  2. I've met Mr. Richter a couple of times and he is a pretty cool bloke who really loves his beer. And good reason he has, since they are really good, sometimes wonderful even.


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