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Comfortably bland

Today I was in one of those rare good moods where I fancied trying something I don't remember hearing anything about, a světlá 11° from Pivovar Sedlčanský Krčín , and the best way I can describe it is, paraphrasing Pink Floyd, Hello, Is there any flavour in there? Just nod if you can hear me, are there any malt or hops?   The pint was very well tapped, and there was nothing in the beer that could be considered really bad, or really good. It was halfway between everything, almost like political correctness in a pint; a non-denominational beer. It had me wondering whether that isn't intended; as if the brewer believed that people are bound to repeat what they have forgotten. And then I realised that there must be more than a few other, equally bland and joyless beers whose names I have forgotten. Na Zdraví!

On Rich and Successful People Wanting Free Money

You must've read already about Stone's crowdfunding campaign to raise cash to help them (or not?) with their expansion plans in the East Coast of the US and in Europe, and their response to the negative feedback they received , which reminded me of a high-profile professional athlete being forced by his PR to apologise for something stupid he said. I won't comment too much on the almost arrogant, rich cunt, holier-than-thou style of the press releases and the video (and the “we are going to save German beer culture” bollocks I've seen everywhere on the internet) because I understand that it's part of Stone's marketing discourse. And because it is not what really bothers me about this Reading the press release again (and suffering the video) I don't think Stone are being honest here. In the best case scenario, they are (ab)using the crowd funding platform for marketing (and attention whoring) purposes. They aren't the first, and certainly not the

Some Musings and a Short Book Review

I liked this post by Boak and Bailey on their state of their relationship with beer, and Alan's own take on the topic , mainly because I agree with pretty much everything they say, even when translating it to my own beer ecosystem. Like them, I've come to prefer well known, reliable beers and breweries over the uncertainty of the new. And when it comes to new breweries (and to some extent, new products from breweries I know), I rarely buy stuff I have no (good) references of. I can understand why so many people give preference to new beers, it can be fun, it was for me at some point, but not any more. I want to get the most value out of my money and “will be good”, or at least “should be good”, gives me better value than “might be good”. This brings me to price. I've all but given up on expensive beers. My limit for a (large) bottle is 8-10€, and only on very exceptional occasions and with beers I've already drunk. Really, when I can get something as good as Schn

Well, look what we've got here

I suddenly remembered about that bottle of  Fuller's Vintage Ale 2011  I still had in my cellar, and I felt like drinking it while listening to some good music. One part of me, however, wanted, you know, to age it, to keep it for a truly special moment. The other part punched him in the mouth with a sock full of 50CZK coins and proceeded to open the bottle and serve the beer. Well done, other part. Well done. You do understand beer. YUM! Na Zdraví!