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Behind the Beery Headlines

Remember a few weeks ago when several media outlets reported that, according to a study, beer was better pain reliever than Paracetamol? Like this one . Well, I found the study they refer to . It’s more than just a study, it’s a systematic review and meta analysis of a number of other studies (basically, the highest level of scientific evidence), and it is quite interesting. What the headlines (though not all the articles) forgot to mention is that it’s not beer itself that is a good analgesic, but alcohol. The headlines could’ve said that Tuzemák is a good pain reliever and they wouldn’t be lying, either. It could be said that Tuzemák is an even better pain reliever than beer, because it’s got a much higher ABV, or at least one that would act quicker. According to the abstract of the meta analysis, the higher the BAC (blood alcohol content), the less pain you’ll feel, which should come as a surprise to nobody. An that is where the problem with the media reporting really starts,

Musings Over an Afternoon Pint

The other day I stopped for a couple of beers at Krkonošská Hospůdka , a friendly, unpretentious little place I wish I could go to more often. I was the first patron to walk in, just when the doors had opened for the day, but I wasn’t alone for long. A couple, a few years older than me, took a table in the opposite end of the room, and more people would soon follow; a mixed crowd that created a great atmosphere. I ordered Krakonoš 12° , I was thirsty and didn’t want to think about what else was there, besides, I have a bit of a soft spot for that beer, even if consistency is not one of its strongest points, but that afternoon was spot on. The man at the other end of the room studied the blackboard with the beers on tap and picked President , a 12° Světlý Ležák from Pivovar Ovipistán . I don’t remember having seen any references of this létajicí pivovar or its beers, but this man at the other end of the room was sure liking that dvanáctka, so much that he got another before I was t