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A few weeks ago I told you about my experience with beers in both original and barrel aged versions and about my conclusions on which I liked better. The result, so far, was a tie, with the barrel aged version of CCM +Malta coming on top of the original , and the barrel aged version of Nøgne-Ø Imperial Stout falling behind the unwooded. I had in my cellar one more bottle of a barrel agend Nøgne-Ø, God Jul, their Christmas special, which had spent three months in Islay casks. The original version is, perhaps, one of my favourite winter beers ever and I was very curious about how the wood treatment had affected it. Not very well, I must say. The first thing that hits the nose when it comes close to the glass is something that reminded me of acetone, not pleasant. Once that dissipates it leaves the stage to a lot of wood and booze (perhaps that is how Islay Whisky is supposed to smell, I don't know, I've never had any) that covers most of the beer, there's barely a whiff

The Best Festival

Just as I had announced , las Saturday, I attended the Slunce ve Skle beer festival in Pilsen, and you can't imagine what a great time I had. Unlike the first time , this year I went alone, or actually, without my wife, because I can't say I was alone. I had bought a "ticket" for the Zlý Časy bus that was leaving at 12. Of course, on the bus were many known faces, some of which, like Ian and his girlfriend Petra, I hadn't seen for quite some time. The trip was far from boring, I spent it talking about beer with this bloke whose name I can't remember. We couldn't help but discuss Gambrinus Nefiltrované , my friend didn't like it, either. We arrived in Plzeň – Černice a bit after 1PM and very thirsty. We each received a glass with the logo of the Nusle beer temple and headed to Purkmistr . Thinks were quite lively already. I soon found Evan Rail , already with a beer in hand, who was with a Texan friend whose name I can't remember. I said hell

It Hurts! (II)

Perhaps, after reading my comment on the new products of the three multinationals , someone thought that I was exaggerating or that I misinterpreted the situation. After all, it could also be said that Krušovice 10 is another attempt in Heineken's struggle to restore the image of that brand. That Master Zlatý just wants to complete the colour palette (together with Polotmavý 13 and Tmavý 18) of a brand that has been already three years on the market and that it was about time it was made available in bottles, especially now when sales bottled beer has for the first time ever in the Czech Rep. surpassed sales of draught beer. And that Staropramen 11 is just Smíchov's response to Pardal Echt and Gambrinus Excelent . And since we are talking about the jedenáctká from Gambrinus. The word on the street is that the goal of this beer was to revitalise the most popular brand in this country, which, it seems, has been slowly loosing some of the public's favour. I've got

Inside Joke

Finally, the time came for the last of the bottles that Todd had brought me, Smokestack Series Collaboration No. 1 fom Boulevard Brewing Co. . Unlike the previous two, Yeti Espresso Oak Aged and Russian River Supplication , I didn't open Collaboration Nº1 because I thought it would "pair" well with a given moment. I did it just because I wanted to drink something new and its elegant bottle was the one that caught my attention first. Todd had brought it a bit like a joke. According to the brewer, it is an Imperial Pilsner and he had read my opinion about this "style" . Opinion that hasn't changed a bit, actually, after reading the back label, it's been reinforced. The name, Collaboration, is because the beer was brewed together by Steven Powels, brewer at Boulevard, and Jean-Marie Rock, Brew Master at Orval, recreating a beer the latter used to brew at the beginning of his career, which I very much doubt was categorised as an Imperial Pilsner. Bu

This year I won't miss it

Next Saturday, Sept. 18 is the third edition of the, in my opinion, best beer festival in the Czech Republic Slunce ve Skle . A total of 39 micro breweries, including three from Germany and one from Scotland, will be there offering around 100 different kinds of beer. Some of the names are already making my mouth water (the list can be seen on the festival's web page ). Just like the previous two editions, the event will take place at Pivovar Purkmistr , in Pilsen-Černice and kicks off at 1PM. I'm really looking forward to going this year. I missed the previous edition, but still remember (well, at least partially) how much fun I had two years ago . I'm going to miss Velký Al (can't say the same about his idea of the shots, though), who I'm sure would love to be there. There won't be a shortage of friends, but it won't be the same without the big Scot. Na Zdraví! Slunce ve Skle Sábado 18-9-2010, 13hs Hotel - Pivovar Purkmistr Selská náves 21/2 326