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2015 - The Least Productive Year

This year has been the blog's least productive, by far. I'm not lamenting it, much less apologising. I've very busy with my job—fortunately, even if sometimes it was a bit too much—and with the book, which was far from an easy task, but well worth it—I'm proud of it and it's selling pretty well. The other, maybe more important, reason why I've been writing so little is that I feel I've run out of things to say about beer. I've lost count of how many posts I started, only to abort them after a few sentences because I realised I was repeating myself—“again this? Sod it! I'll browse Reddit instead”. In fact, I feel the whole beer discourse is repeating itself (and probably has been doing so for a while already). I can't understand, for instance, why so many people are still getting their pants in such a twist every time an independent brewing company is sold to a bigger one; it happens in pretty much every industry where economies of scale play a

Just killing time

Yesterday afternoon, I had a couple of hours to kill between a tasting I hosted at Vinohradský Pivovar for Prague Beer Garden and the opening of Bad Flash Bar , the new place of Zlý Hanz and Kulový Líbor, which gave me a good excuse to check out this pub that'd opened recently, 20 Píp Craft Pub , hoping that it will be at least better than its name. This is the kind of place that a few years ago I would have run to as soon as possible, after becoming aware of its existence. Now, though, places like this—with more or less taps—are almost a dime a dozen, but I was still curious to see if 20 Píp was bringing something new to the game. Unfortunately, I can't give you an opinion on that. I did go to the place, yes, and it looks nice, welcoming, and small enough to make me question the wisdom of having so many taps. There weren't many people when I arrived shortly after 5—only an older couple drinking coffee and two blokes chatting with the tapster at the bar. I sat at