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Hi there!

This blog is something that has been going around my mind for quite some time already. It is actually the English version of my blog in Spanish, which to my surprise has become quite successful. But by writing only in Spanish, I felt that I was excluding way too many people. I want to share my experiences, thoughts and opinion with more of you.
There will be, at least at the beginning, two kinds of posts, new stuff that will be simultaneously posted in Spanish and some selected entries from the Spanish version that I hope to be able to write them as beautifully as I did in Spanish.:)
As you might have guessed from the name this blog, I will be writing mostly about Pivo and the best places I know where to drink it.
By Pivo, of course, I mean Czech Beer. In my opinion, the best in the world, certainly at least when we are speaking about lagers. This is not just fanciful thinking, I have tasted hundreds of different beer here, and hundreds more from 30 countries around the world. I'm not a connoisseur, but an educated consumer. I know a little about production processes and ingredients, I know about the different styles and, most of all, I know what a good beer should be like.
Unfortunately for most people Czech beer means only Pilsner Urquell, Budvar and maybe a couple more. All very good by international industrial standards, but not the best, neither the most interesting that Czech Brewing has to offer.
I will also speak not only about Prague, but other places I have and I will visit. Hopefully encouraging some of you to follow my steps and discover that, just as Czech Beer is more than Pilsner, the Czech Republic is more than Prague.
I hope you will enjoy it. You can, if you want, leave your comments and suggestions, share your opinions and experiences. Everything that is constructive will be welcome and appreciated.
Na Zdraví!!!


  1. Glad to finally be able to receive your beer wisdom in English. I was reader number 59. I'll be back regularly and I'll add you to my links list.

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks a lot! Hope it will be good...

  3. Hey Max!!!!
    I am soooo glad you have started to write in English!
    I am sure you will be doing very good job!!!!!!!
    I look forward to reading it!
    I'll spread the word between my friends.


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