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Ferdinanda is located about a 100m Vaclavák, yet it is more for locals than four tourists (though they are more than welcome). Until recently, even going to the loo would test your knowledge of Czech. Instead of having the usual and internationally understood icons, they just had an I for the boys room and a Y for the girls room; Ferdinandi being the male plural and Ferdinandy being the female. That presented most foreigners (and not few Czechs after a few beers) with a bit of a problem. Unfortunately, that has been corrected, the usual icons are on the doors and the fun is gone.
The place has two floors with a pretty big non smoking room upstairs. It is in a turn of the century building, so the ceilings are high and the windows big. The furniture is of light colour hardwood, almost rustic. What catches your attention, however, are the accessories, metal buckets and funnels for lamps, rakes for coat hangers, small metal dustpans for ashtrays and hammers with a thick wooden base that hold the salt and pepper shakers and the toothpicks.

The service is among the best I have experienced at a pub here. Very attentive waiters, who are also very professional and quite friendly in a genuine way. The usually make you feel welcome no matter how many people are packing the premises.
The food is its weakest point. It isn't bad, it just does the job (though their guláš is pretty good). And if you work in the centre, it is quite good for a quick lunch, with a limited but interesting midday menu. You can also have breakfast there, since Ferdinanda opens at 8. Until 11 you can have haminex, toasted sandwiches and a beer.

And what beers they have there. Only Ferdinand, the very good beers from Pivovar Benešov. You can there find the jedenactká světlé, the tmavý ležák with its rich roasted notes and the světlý ležák, a nice silky pilsner style lager. But the star is Sedm Kulí, a polotmavé speciál (13°) mildly flavoured with herbs, with almost no carbonation, simply delicious on tap. Its name is a "homage" to the seven bullets (that's what it means in Czech) that in Sarajevo killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand, a long time resident of Benešov and founder of the brewery, or so they claim.
Ferdinanda is a place that invites you to stay and come back. It is nice to go with friends or alone for a quick drink. It's got a very lively and relaxed atmosphere and, being that it is pretty near Hlavní Nádraží is a very good alternative for that last beer before taking the train.

Politických vězňů 1597/19
110 00 Praha-Nové Město


  1. I enjoy your blog: I missed this on my last visit in Prague, bot will not miss it this summer.

    Would you write about the pubs U Hrocha and Richters?

  2. Thanks for your words.
    I think I will eventually talk about U Hrocha and other classic hospodas in the centre.
    When you say Richters, do you mean the brewpub in Liben, or something else? If it is the brewpub, I've already posted about it, if you mean another place, I don't know it, but if you tell me where it is I will go and check it out.

  3. It's the same Richter ... You got good taste.

  4. "Until recently, even going to the loo would test your knowledge of Czech. Instead of having the usual and internationally understood icons, they just had an I for the boys room and a Y for the girls room"

    LOL I'm afraid you didn't get it... That's not Czech at all... Just look at it again:

    | - men
    Y - women

    Only Czech thing about it is the humor :) I'm not wondering they had to change it when foreign people do not get it...

  5. I just stopped in at the nové město location and was surprised to see that they had Lobkowicz on offer rather than the Ferdinand beers. Did something change? Does the malá strana location pour Ferdinand at this point?

    1. Yes, they have changed the beer supplier at both locations.


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