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That's it, I've had enough.

Last year, when I tasted the then relatively new Estrella Damm Inèdit I gave it a possitive review. Although I didn't think the beer was anything to write home about, I liked it, and I liked the idea behind it even more.

My heart started changing when the idiocies of Ferrán Adriá started. But I still had a soft spot for this beer and I even kind of stood up for it when The Beer Nut trashed it in his blog.

Today that is something I regret doing.

A few days ago, in the unfortunately very inactive discussion forum of Cerveceros Digitales, someone opened a new thread titled Estrella Damm Inèdit.

The message contains the same old and tired bollocks about how unique this beer is, how Ferrán Adriá and his Sommeliers (cool name for a pop band) created it because they felt a beer that could pair with the best gastronomy with the utmost respect was needed. Something that really irritates me. We all already know that all beers that are properly made can be a perfect and very respectful pairing for any kind of food, regardless of how cheap or expensive, simple or sophisticated it might happen to be, and they don't need the blessing of any celebrity chef.

At first I thought monix37, the person who left the message, was a shill from the brewery. It wouldn't be the first, nor the last time something like that happens. So I replied in a proper manner. But it turns out I was wrong. In the user's profile I found a link to an e-shop that sells gourmet products, Inèdit among them. And that's when the last straw dropped.

Until then I had paid no attention to the price of this beer. The bottle I tasted had been sent to me by my friend Delirium and since I can't buy it in Prague, the price was something of little relevance to me. But when I saw it...

€6.95!!! for a 750ml bottle.

I don't think I need to tell you that I've got no problem with paying that and more for beer as long as it's worth it. Inèdit isn't, not even by chance.

It isn't bad, and stripped of its marketing it could still be considered a valid attempt by a major Spanish industrial brewer at offering something different and, if you want, more interesting than their competitors. But €7 for it, is way, way too much.

A same size bottle of Westmalle Triple costs about €6 in specialised shops in Spain, and this beer's 9.5%ABV gives it a lot more chops to pair with food than Inedit's 4.8%. Not to mention that, differences in quality apart (and they are big), Westmalle is a lot more expensive to brew.

On the other hand, this beer could be a bit too much to handle for many. No problem then, they can buy Hoegaarden that not only is it very easy to find, but also costs €1.5, or less, for a 330ml bottle and is, in my opinion, a better drink.

You see now what they've just made me do? I am recommending a product from InBev. Damm you, Ferrán Adriá! Damm your beer and your Sommeliers! I hope you'll all burn in hell!

Na Zdraví!

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  1. Chill out mate, after it is just a beer not the solution to world peace or a cure for cancer, just a beer, nothing more.

  2. I know..... I just have fun writing this rantings and won't stop until someone gets angry. Then I will continue.:)

  3. recommending InBev beer, eh? How deep can you sink?

  4. Blame Adriá and his Sommeliers, not me....


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