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When will they learn to shut up?

The world famous Spanish chef Ferrán Adriá has been quite busy lately promoting Inèdit, the beer that, together with his team of sommeliers, he has created (or is endorsing, depending on whom you ask).

A few days ago the cook was in New York for the official presentation of the beer to the American market. As expected he spoke about the virtues of the new product and, as it seems common among many celebrity chefs around the world, showed how little he knows about beer and its world.

Adriá said that his beer is "special and unique". As if there weren't already other Witt beers in the world, because that is what Inèdit is, no more, no less.

In the same report it is said that Inèdit is the first beer created to pair with high end gastronomy. First of all, there are countless beers that, despite not having been created with that aim, can perfectly pair with the most exclusive foods, ask many Belgian and Danish chefs if you don't believe me. There are also the microbreweries in Northern Italy, many of which are also top of the range restaurants and the beers there are brewed with the food these restaurants serve in mind. Of course, it is possible that someone as busy as Adriá has not heard about these examples, as he doesn't seem to have heard of a Garret Oliver, Susan Nowak, Ben McFarland y Will Beckett, etc. etc. etc..

Oh! And someone should tell Adriá that beer does not need "glamour". Beer has shown many times over that all it needs to enter the world of high gastronomy is products of good quality backed by people who know about the drink. And that is exactly what the industry is lacking, people who know about beer. Unfortunately, Adriá is not one of them.

Inèdit is a pretty good beer for Spanish standards, and is in a way revolutionary for that market. Not so much for the beer itself, that is nothing new under the sun, but because of its marketing strategy, which might not be much of a novelty in global terms.

It seems that "the best chef in the world", his team and the brewery Estrella Damm are not aware that there are many, many people that know about beer (and their numbers are growing). With this and other statements not only they are insulting our intelligence, but they are also making big fools of themselves. Because anyone who knows at least a bit about beer can realise in a second that what these people are saying is just a big pile of bollocks with no connection with reality.

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