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If you fancy something different

Prague in the holiday season is something magic. The Christmas markets in Old Town Square is something you can't miss, the atmosphere is unique, and the svařák (mulled wine) is arguably the best in the country. Truth is also that those markets don't change at all throughout the days and if you've seen them once you will have experienced everything they have to offer. So, what can you do the weekend right before Christmas? (other than loosing your sanity at the malls). Fortunately, beer has a solution.

Pivní Vánoční Trhy 2008. The Beer Christmas Markets 2008 are going to be really interesting. They are taking place at the luxury Hotel Mandarin Oriental and have as main goal help our favourite swill to get the place it deserves in the high end gastronomy market.

The entrance is 150CZK and can be reserved here, or you can buy them at Zlý Časy, První Pivní Tramvaj and Tlustá Koala, in the centre. Needless to say, they will be also available at the hotel, though you might risk not finding any. The capacity is limited and on each day there will be to sessions, one from 13 to 17hs, the second from 18 to 22hs. If you buy a ticket for the whole day, it will cost you 250CZK.

Some might critisise the price. But this is not an event for those who want to just get hammered on cheap beer, but something for those who want to taste beers and see how they pair with the food specially prepared by the hotel's chef. Besides, together with your ticket, you will receive a sampling glass and a specially brewed beer in it.
Together with a lineup of Czech craft and regional brewers, there will be some foreign visitors from Belgium, Germany (Aventinus and a surprise from Bamberg), Scotland (BrewDog and their Paradox) and Denmark (with Nørrebro Bryghus). No beer lover should miss it. It is going to be something very interesting and definetively unique in Prage.

And if it is Christmas Beers what we are talking about, then I must recommend those of you in the Golden City go to Pivovar U Medvídku to taste, besides the wonderful Oldgott Barique and X33 their Special Pale Lager fermented at 14.66°balling, that is no more, nor less, than a drier and more bitter version of Oldgott, and at the same price. Delicious!!!!

Na Zdraví!

Update: Czech Beer list for the event
Žamberk - Kanec Ale, Stout
Kocour: APA, aIPA, Vánoční polotmavý ležák 15°, Tokaj
Kaltenecker: Porter 19°, IPA
Herold: 13°tmavá, 14°polotmavá
Rakovník: 18°tmavá
Pilsner Urquell: Master 13°polotmavá, 18°tmavá
Pivovarský dům
Kout na Šumavě: 18° tmavá
Zvíkov Rarášek
Krušovice: Vánoční speciál
Chýně: 14°světlá
Opat: Vavřín, Koriandr
Berounský: medvěd 18° tmavá
Litovel: Vánoční speciál
Starobrno: Baron Trenck,
Poutník: 14°světlá kvasnicová
Bernard 13° Černé
Primátor: Stout
Konrád: Červený král
Louny: 11°polotmavá Vánoční, 13°polotmavá, 16° světlá

I've already drunk several of them, it is nice to see that I will be able to enjoy them again (the ones I liked, that is), though I guess I will be opting for those that I don't know yet, and for the foreign ones. I just hope the prices won't be too high.

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  1. Unfortunately, I doubt I'll be going to the Oriental event (combination of Xmas shopping, shopping and money-saving), but I'd just like to mention the wonderful Harrach vanocni special I had at Pivovarsky klub today. I had a fantastic Harrach there this time 2 years ago, and I think this one might just top it...

  2. Yes, I had that Harrach, really nice, but I think that Tokaj topped it. What a lovely winter beer that is!

  3. Hmm, I had the Tokaj as well. Not bad, but a tiny bit too sickly for my liking. Hopefully I can squeeze in a couple more special beers before I go home for Xmas on Sunday...


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