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Selected readings: April

You thought I had forgotten? That I was going to disappoint you? HA! You were wrong.

Since it was posted on April 1, I'm still not quite sure of the veracity of the la "Albino Porter", but I truly hope it was just a joke by Jeff.

What was an April's fool's joke was this press release from Vyškov announcing a new kind of environmentally friendly packaging for their beers. A swing at the PET bottles that are giving so much to talk about. Curiously, a few days later Bernard rolled out the new piece of their campaign Svět se zbláznil. Držte se Bernard (The world is crazy, hold on to Bernard) with a very similar, though more direct message. "Dnes z PETky, zítra z tašky" (Today from PET, tomorrow from bags).

Getting more serious, but not too much, Adrian Tierney Jones posted a beautiful ode to the noble art of getting civilisedly pissed. Brilliant.

Tandleman, on the other hand, deals with the somehow controversial topic of music in the pub. I don't think a pub needs music to have a good atmosphere, but it is a welcome feature specially when I'm having a quite pint early in the afternoon. Either way, if the owners of a pub decide they want to have music, for fuck's sakes get a 21st century stereo that can play MP3 and do not play the radio or MfuckingTV or other similar crap.

In the realm of the technical, Ron Pattinson once again shows how relative style categories can be.

Meanwhile, in the Spanish beer blog, In Birra Veritas, the author speaks of the political implications of craft beer. It's well written and argued, but on pretty weak premise that fails to take into account a number of very important factors. But well, everyone is free to dream their own utopias. Personally, I prefer some beers over others not because of image, status or a political statement, but because I like them more. It turns out that most of those beers are brewed by small and/or independent companies, but that's just a coincidence. Believe me, if I had to choose between a crappy "craft" beer brewed by a hypothetical brewpub in my village and Krušovice, I would happily and without second thought give my money to Heineken, though I would actually be giving it to the hypothetical small company that retails it. (but I think I've already made myself clear on this

The bollocks of the month comes in a double portion. The first bit is a product of the bottomless shitpit of the marketing bollocks a Japanese beer that is dispensed with a frozen head, because yes, why not? The second bit is courtesy of a tourist info web page called and its article The Main beer companies. It's a disaster, they say that (sic) "Měst’an produces the country’s best dark beer" and that Samson is a brand of Bernard (the Spanish version is worse, instead of saying "twelve degree beer" it says "twenty..."). I hope the rest of the information in this site is not of this quality.

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