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A few quick reviews (II)

In view of the enormous success the first edition was (and because I can't be arsed with writing anything else today), here's another roundup of short reviews originally posted on my Facebook Page.

When was the last time I had Kocour Stout? I can't remember, but fuck it's good! And it goes wonderful with a well cured italian Provolone cheese.

Badass = A girl minding her own business while casually drinking a 16º Czech IPA straight from a 1l PET bottle

Evan Rail's Dark Saison: A drunken band of young, jazz raising stars who suddenly realise they must play together instead of pissing about with their instruments. And very well they play.

Nomád Black (IPA). Ristretto, bitter chocolate, pine, nettle, autumn fruit and a touch of prunes that manage to work surprisingly well together...
Slaný Nakouřovaná 13º. A tad too polite of a rauch, perhaps, but quite a nice tipple nonetheless...

Harrach Kouřový Speciál: Imagine you are kissing the neck of a krev a mléko Slavic beauty who's spend the last hour grilling the nicest cuts of pork for you and you'll get an idea of what this rauchbier is like.

Krakonoš 10°, bottled: I'm in a good mood so I'd just say "not good" (and I'm in a very good mood)
Not true to style? I don't give a flying fuck. Not as good as the 1.0? True, but who cares if you can't drink that one. The fact is that Jubiler Amber IPA is a bloody fine tipple for a sunny afternoon like this....
Starting the "getting slowly pissed al fresco" season with Rohozec 11º. Technical purists might not like it too much, but its almost rustic edge is something I can enjoy, specially sitting in the sun on my terrace.... (wouldn't mind having a whole keg of it, though my wife might)
On assignment: Fuller's Past Masters XX. The kind of beer that can inspire poets, can generate the wildest hyperboles and metaphors, yet the best way to describe it is "Fuck me! What a good beer!"

Fuller's Past Master's Double Stout = Beergasm...

Yeah.... Pardubický Porter. A quiet gentleman that always has something interesting to say if you are willing to listen.

St. Peter's Smokie. My first Peated Beer. It wasn't love at first sip, but I ended up liking it, a lot. Perhaps the orange peel kindofthing note in the background helped a lot.

Great Divide Smoked Baltic Porter: A prune soaked in rum, wrapped in a thick stripe of lean, top quality bacon, lightly coated in mildly bitter chocolate and a few specks of ground coffee.... YUM! (I bit less carbonation wouldn't have hurt, though)...

And just to wrap things up, remember. There are only three beer categories: "I like", "I dislike" and "I don't quite like, but don't quite mind drinking". All the rest are (more or less sensible) sub-categories...

Na Zdraví!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the Past Masters beers. The third beer in the series was brewed two weeks ago.

    1. The article should be published in this month's issue of Pivo, Bier & Ale, I'll try to send you a copy, so you can see your name in print :)
      (great job you did with Fuller's BTW)


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