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Belated update

The closing of U Slovanské Lípy the other day made me realise that since putting out my book I had not published any update, something I should have done a while a go.

There have been some changes regarding the places that are included in "Prague: A Pisshead's Pub Guide".

Pražský Most u Valšů (p. 27, 40) has had some, mostly, administrative problems and has been forced to stop brewing, which, in my opinion, was the only excuse to visit that place. Fortunately, the other day, not far from there, a new brewpub opened Pivovar U tří růží. I haven't visited it yet, but for what I've heard, it's seems quite good.

Kavárna Meduza (p. 53) closed shortly after the book was published. It's a real shame, I loved that place. It's been replaced by another café that has Bernard, not bad, but far from the same. On the other hand, Dejvická Divadelní Kávarna (pág. 54) replaced Richter's Světlý Ležák for Únětická 12º.

And since we are in Prague 6, Bistro U Baronky (p. 57) has ceased to exist, while Únětická 12º has given me a great reason to go back to U Pětníka (p. 59) with a smile.

In Žižkov, besides the above mentioned change in Lípy (that should open with a new format in about a month, we'll see), the jury is out on Hotel Victor (p. 69), last two times I was there, the beers from Chýně were in terrible condition (the brewery should do something about that).

Already in Letná, U Počtů (p. 93) doesn't stock Černá Hora Kern or Rychtář Natur anymore, and thus has lost any reason I had to visit it. Fortunately, after being closed some time for refurbishing and making me fear the worst, Kovaldina U Lázní (p. 92) reopened without any major change, o, it could be said, improved. They've done away with Urquell and the freed tap has been taken over by small brewers like Kocour or Matuška.

Last but not least, I'm still hearing and reading complaints about the condition of some of the beers at Prague Beer Museum (p. 109). I really want this bar to improve so if you happen to be there and happen to get a duff pint, return it, explain what's wrong with it, and order another one. If enough people do that, perhaps the owners will finally sort their shit out.

And that's it, the rest of the changes have been for the better. There are lots of new places like this one or these two, or perhaps this one and let's not forget about this one and this one, just to mention some of the ones I've reviewed here.

But putting all the above aside, Prague: A Pisshead's Pub Guide is still an awesome book, a must have for anyone who's planning to visit the Golden City and a cracking read for those who aren't, and I'm not saying this just because I happen to be the author. Buy it here (if you do it before 18/5 you can get a 20% discount by entering the code TENYEAR) or in Amazon UK, Amazon US and other local Amazon "branches" (paper version only).

Na Zdraví!

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  1. Thanks for the updates Max,I will print them off and stick them in my book

  2. Great timing as I'm due to be there on Monday.

  3. Any other Prague pubs that sell Richter/Bulovky?
    Or is it just available in Liben?

    1. Only at the brewery, I'm afraid.

    2. You might want to bring earplugs if you go there. The last time I went there I had to leave after my first beer because I couldn't stomach the blaring disco pop. That was a first!

  4. Just wanted to say thanks for writing your book, it really is a great read would recommend it to anyone visiting Prague and interested in pubs and beer.

    I enjoyed it immensely and it was very helpful adding quite a few pubs to my ever growing ‘must visit’ list on my trips to Prague, never have enough time to visit them all sadly. Also discovered my new fav pub, U Veverky, through your book which I wouldn’t have found without it, that recommendation was worth the cover price alone!

    Not really that fussed about the multi-tap pubs personally give me a great pilsen or budweis in veverky or medvidku and I’m just as happy as I am with a Svijany or Kout. I think it’s great your book caters for both those who want to trek out to the suburbs in search of rare hard to find beers as well as those, who are happy with a great pint of the more ubiquitous beers closer to the centre. Also really liked the format of splitting into ‘crawls’ of different districts works really well, but no love for Kozlovna and Lokal Blok in Smichov though? Surely some mistake.

    Do keep up the good work with the blog.

  5. Thanks for the updates Max. As soon as you commit something to print changes start to happen! Keep us posted with the updates....

  6. Great work. I am looking for a summer break in Prague and beer will definitely be drunk. I read elsewhere that the Beer Museum is a must see and it certainly sounds like a great place to pass a few hours.

    1. By all means visit Zly Casy or Kulovy Blesk. Their beer offerings are just as good or better and the prices are much more friendly. And best of all, no issues with sour beers. Enjoy!!



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