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Guess where I'm going this Saturday?

I've wanted to go to Černokostelecký Pivovar (which is not a "pivovar" proper, at least not yet) for a long time. Many people have told me about how nice it is and how well you can eat there, but it was one of those many trips that I've always postponed because this or that. Not anymore, the "official" invitation I received for this Saturday's event has given me the best possible excuse.
Vysmolení, to put it in simple words, will be a day of frolicking outdoors. There will be plenty of activities that include live music, visits to the old brewery and the museum, food, lots of food and four beer specially brewed for the occasion: a desítka, a hoppy světlý ležák, a wheat beer and a dark beer with smoked and rye malts (which I can't wait to taste).

I'll be with my family from Friday evening (we've been generously invited to stay the whole weekend). For those who want to go on Saturday, getting there is easy, buses 381 and 387 leave from the Metro Station Háje every hour from 8:00 (you have to get off at Kostelec n.Č.l.,nám. and then walk towards the chateau and keep on walking until you see the place). Entrance is free and there will be stuff to keep the kids entertained while the adults get civilisedly pissed. See you there.

Na Zdraví!

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