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In Prague this Saturday?

If the answer is yes, and if you fancy drinking some different beerwise, then you might want to consider attending the first edition of the Festival of Special Beers Beerketa.
The event takes place at the Marketa Stadium in Prague 6 (Bus 179, 184, 191 to Nad Marketou, or a five min. walk from the tram stop Vypich, trams 22, 25, GPS: 50°5'2.264"N, 14°20'50.753"E). Doors open at 11 and the admission fee is 150CZK. The first 1000 attendants will get a labeled glass with which they can sample beers from:

- Matuška
- Klášterní pivovar Strahov
- Kocour
- Chýně
- Richter
- Vimperk
- Purkmistr
- Chyše
- BrewDog
- Weihenstephan among others.

Besides getting merry (not pissed, getting pissed isn't good for you;), you'll have the chance to meet and talk with brewers, know a bit more about beer styles, taking part in a couple of competitions, have a chat with the people behind Pivo, Bier & Ale and maybe even see me, great honour, at least for myself every morning.

Na Zdraví!

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  1. wish I could be there.

  2. Hope to meet you there, just need to place the kids in a sandbox and Im on my way

  3. Interestingly they say in the website that the entrance costs 150 czk but they don´t mention the beers prices... and those beers (for example Matouska) are in general pretty expensive so it might be a costly business overall.

  4. Good point. At least Chýně and Richter shouldn't be expensive, I guess I will stick to them, then...

  5. looks like fun, hopefully the weather will hold out on saturday. Is it an outdoor stadium?

  6. How was it? Unfortunatelly I had to skip this great looking festival.

    I hope there will be at least short review in PBA...

  7. I missed it in the end. I'm going to Germany on the piss this weekend, so I decided to skip it, but for what Pivní Recenze say, it seems it was pretty good: here's the review


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