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The trip, day three

After so much unfiltered beer the previous night in Pilsen, I got up yesterday morning with some really nasty farts that would accompany me for the rest of the day. While we were filming in Hluboka I felt tempted the let a couple go just to see the reaction of the guide, a nice bloke who was really nervous in front of the camera.

From there we went to Budějovice. We stopped for lunch at Masný Kramy. Nice hospoda, great food, though I must say that Budvar Kroužkované wan't very nicely tapped. After lunch and spending more than half an hour in the awful traffic of the city centre we reached our main destination of the day, Budvar. They were great with us. It was a nice contrast with the circus we say at Urquell, here we went around the real brewery, not just a tourist attraction. Of course, the visit finished at the lagering cellar, drinking beer tapped straight from the tanks. Tough job this one is.

Now we are in Krumlov, accommodated in a pretty nice hotel that happens to be right next to the brewery. Guess where we went to kill some time before dinner. We ended up making friends with the tapmaster, he bought us a round of slivovice.

After dinner and walking around a little in this magic town at night (something I'd wanted to do for a long time), we went back to Eggenberg and ended up at the concert of a Czech heavy metal band. Very good! But I'm knackered today and we have a long day ahead of us.

Na Zdraví!