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On a trip

Believe it or not, I will be in front of the cameras again. This time it won't be for the TV, but still it will be something a bit more serious. Viamedius a Spanish travel portal have hired me to host a video to promote the Czech Republic in Spain. The video is produced in partnership with the Spanish branch of the Czech Tourist Authority.

In a few hours I have to meet the people of Viamedius at the airport. From there we will go straight to Karlový Vary to start an almost Japanese style five day trip that will visit several towns and places in the country. Among others, we will also stop in Pilsen, Budějovice and Krumlov, besides Prague, of course.

I've already arranged visits to a couple of breweries, we will also visit several restaurants, a palace or two, we will walk around the cities and sleep at hotels that, at least in their webpages, look quite good. I've borrowed a notebook from a friend so, provided I can get internet access, I will be posting short comments about my experiences in every place, so, stay tuned.

In the meantime, I am a tiny bit nervous because in a way, I will be the face of my adoptive country, very excited because this gig is almost like a paid holiday and I also have a bit of a strange feeling because this will be the first time that I will be away from my family for so long (I just hope Nela will be nice to my wife).

Well, I have to start packing, etc. Just one question before I leave, should I be getting an agent already?

Na Zdraví!

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