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The trip, day one

I’m writing this from a four star hotel in Karlový Vary. Quite nice, though the room is pretty small and rather standarised. OK for one night, I guess, but I wouldn’t like to stay here for much longer.

We got here straight from the airport in a rental car. A Škoda Superb. Lovely, I’ve never been so comfortable in a car. The two Spaniards from Viamedius are really cool, too.
The city is quite nice as well, much less tacky than I had expected, but just as expensive. Good that I am not paying for any of this. We also had a guide today, a really fun girl. She did a good job.

The best of the day, though, was the Spa. The program said we had to visit one the poshiest in town and that I had to test a couple of the procedures. Hard job, I know, but someone had to do it and it felt really GOOD. Yeah , I’m getting paid for this, wonderful, init?

Beerwise, Karlový Vary in a Crap to Awesome scale, with Crap being crap and Awesome being awesome: Crap. I had and off Krušovice Černé a badly tapped and tourist trap expensive Pilsner Urquell from Keg and a decent Kozel Černý, fortunately I didn’t pay for any of them. To be fair, the food at both restaurants (Charleston and Chebský Dvůr – a German themed temple of kitch) was surprisingly good, though the knedlíky at the latter were rubbish.

Tomorrow, Pilsen, I’m sure beers will be better there...

Na Zradví!


  1. Glad you are Having a Good Time. Never Been to Karlovy Vary. Do know a lot of Russian,s go. And quite a lot of Russian Money is Being Pumped in. Pilsen, Sure you will get Good Pivo there !. Happy Travels.

  2. Going Back to Pivo & Food. Had Banks UCB Pivo today. It Won 1998 Beauty of Hops Award. Best Accompany - Curry. Thursday is Curry Night for Witherspoons. This Pivo come on For Tonight. For under £6. 1 Pivo, Curry, Rice, Poppadums, Mango Chutney & Naam Bread !. It Blended with the Curry. My Problem with W,Spoons, was Staff not pulling a Pint. Even this has now Been Rectified.


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