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On recognition, a funny offer and some sad news

The other day I got an e-mail announcing me that Pivní Filosof had been included in the list of the "Best 50 Beer Blogs", which was published in the blog of

I've got no idea who these people are (though I wonder if they aren't the same that send me emails offering me On-line University Degrees), nor what their selection criteria was, but a pat in the back is a pat in the back and it will always be welcome.

A couple of days later I got another e-mail, this time coming from the editor of a "How to" website, telling me that they were about to launch a new service and were interested in my being a contributor and one of the "Founding Members" of the "Beauty and Style" channel, since they consider me an expert in the field glamour and pretty things.

I wonder if they ever had a look at my photo up there, and if the did, I really can't imagine who could be interested in the beauty tips I could give (and frankly, I don't think I want to know).

And now, getting a bit serious for the bad news.

If understood well the message posted in one of the discussion forums of Pivní Info one of my favourite boozers, U Slovanské Lípy, has closed its doors for good.

It's a real shame. Even though the food was hit and miss (tilting towards the latter), the service at Lípy was always great and the place had a special charm that I didn't quite get at the beginning, but later learnt to love and on top of all that, they had Kout na Šumavě.

I will really miss this hospoda and will forever cherish the memories of the pleasant liquid moments I spent there with friends and visitors.

I hope Kout can soon find another place that will offer their great beers on a permanent basis.

Na Zdraví!

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  1. That's really a damn shame. I really liked that place - spacious with a strong local feel - and the "buffet" of Kout na sumave was outstanding. We are coming in May - where do we go for Kout Na Sumave now?

    Best Regards,
    Martin, Allbeer

  2. Oh, that is really, really sad. We were immediately charmed by the place . . . but we were also there on a hit night for the food.

  3. That's right Terry, it's one of the best blogs i read too. In fact it directly inspired me to do my own beer blog :-)

  4. A shame to hear about U Slovanské Lípy. I really liked it there, and the beers were fantastic. Thanks for introducing me to the pub!

    I was there earlier this month, and felt it was strange that they only had one beer available. Perhaps they had started the closing down-process?

    I will miss U Slovanské Lípy. It was a must visit-place for me on my visits to Prague during the last year.

  5. I would like to declare an official day of mourning.

  6. Seconded. Black armbands, everyone.

    Tomáš Erlich just mentioned that the café in Lucerna Pasáž has Kout 12° on tap. When God closes a pub, he sometimes opens a kavárna...

  7. Yeah, bad news, i thought they had just reduced the hours, but seems gone for good. The kavarna is nice, but it's not the same as a classic hospoda.

  8. Just walked past U slovanske lipy a few hours ago and there's a sign up saying that they'll be open again from 19th April...


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