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An example to follow (II)

Zabiják z Nusli, the custom brewed beer commissioned by Zlý Časy last spring was a big success, so Nusle's beer temple once again joined forces with renown homebrewer Petr Buriánek and Tomáš Mikulica, brewmaster at Pivovarský Dvůr Chýně, to create Nuselské Bilé, a Czech style Witbier.

With 11,2° Balling, this beer was brewed with wheat and barley malts, unmalted wheat, hops, coriander and orange and curaçao peel. Its colour is a couple of tones darker than that of a witbier as we are used to. In the nose there is spice, fruit and sweet oranges, all with grainy base. Although a bit more fruit would have been nice, it still a well balanced beer, and it shows they didn't cut corners with the special ingredients, each one of them can be felt aplenty making the beer all too very easy to drink. And people are drinking it and liking it, a lot. They are selling about a 50l keg a day. So if you want to taste it, better hurry up.

But perhaps the most interesting thing was the conversation I had with Hanz, the owner of Zlý Časy, while I enjoyed this summer beauty. I asked him about the costs of having a custom brewed beer and he told me that they are just a little bit higher than buying a ready made craft beer, with the advantage that his heer is something unique, which nobody else will have. He admitted that he does get it a bit cheaper thanks to his close friendship with Mikulice, but even without that advantage, the difference would still be small.

It's a pity that there aren't many more restaurant owners with Hanz's vision. It would be great if instead of being so many places that insult our intelligence offering rubbish like Stella Artois, some of them believing they have something different, Belgian, there aren't more that will have their own beers brewed. Of course, for that we would need people that are open-minded and that know at least a little about beer, something really, really hard to find among Czech restaurant owners.

Na Zdraví!

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  1. I think you are somewhat stretching it calling Zly Casy a "restaurant" given their somewhat spartan approach to food - let me though first say that their food is good and ideal for a Czech pub setting.

  2. Point taken... Though I'm not saying ZČ is a restaurant, I'm only wishing that there were more restaurant owners like Hanz, at least beerwise...

  3. Very true, Zly Casy was one of my favourite pubs in Prague.

  4. Food is bloody great there, better than most fancy places. I miss that Prague Goulash so much, and the Burty. The normal menu you have to ask for is pretty good also. Compared to the UK its a gourmet experience believe me.


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