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Again and better

It was the first beer I drank at Pivovarský Klub, almost four years ago now. It appeared sporadically after that, until last year it started to be brewed on a more or less regular basis. Each of the last few batches has been better than the previous ones.

Křižiková 17° is back and better than ever. Delicate fruit notes backed by a touch of toffee that gives the beer an interesting character, all followed by a bitterness that grows as the sip is kept in the mouth. Dangerously easy to drink (ask those two ladies that were yesterday in Karlín sitting at the table near the bar).

Not to be missed, go now, don't wait because it might get too late.

Pivovarský Klub
Křižiková 17°, Praga 8
+420 222 315 777