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Update on Pivní Festival Praha 2009

The other day, when I spoke about the 2009 edition of Pivní Festival Praha I was left qith a few questions regarding the line up of breweries. They've been answered very satisfactorily.

This year there will be many more breweries. All of them will be distributed in 7 tents, each with their own gastronomic offer. If you read or can manage to understand some Czech, you can see the menus in this page.
The most interesting news, however, is the brewery list. Almost all of those who were last year are coming back for this edition. The new ones are:

- Bernard
- Primátor (my prayers have been answered)
- Regent
- Rakovník
- Nymburk
- Kout (what else can you ask)
- Klášter
- Lobkowicz
- Herold
and 12 micros, among which are Chýně, Kocour, Zvíkov, Purkmistr, Žamberk and Střibro.

It's still not known which beers each brewery will present, still, it will be really hard to choose.

When above I said "Almost all" I was of course meaning that there will be one absentee, and what an absentee! Pivovary Staropramen. I'm sure they won't be missed. I wonder if their absence is due to the organisers not wanting to offer something that nobody will drink, or the brewery refusing to sell to save themselves the embarrasement.

See you in Letňany (that, unfortunately, hasn't changed)

Na Zdraví!

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