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Busy January

I had so much work las month! Which is not so bad, every penny is more than welcome right now. Although, on the other hand, lazy as I am, it was all a real pain in the ass.

So I won't be boring you out of your skulls with long reviews of all the wonderful beers that I tasted, and will go straigh to the point. Four beers made it to "the final". Hukvaldy Polotmavý 14%, Žamberský Kanec Sametový Ale (Velvety Ale), Pivovarský Dum AIPA and Opat Vavřínový Ležák.

The first one, a fantastic beer, with a lovely palette of flavours. The second one, really lives up to its name, I loved it. The third one I also loved, but I wasn't able to drink it in a full measure. The winner then is the fourth contender. Finally a flavoured beer from Opat that I liked from the first sip! This bay leaf lager not only has an intense aroma of the herb, but the herb is also felt in its flavour. Not a session beer by any means, but very interesting indeed. And if you want to read a fuller, and better, review of it, check out Evan Rail's.

Na Zdraví!