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And we are both happy

So, my male reader. Let's picture this situation. It's a lazy afternoon, you are walking around Vinohrady with your wife, girlfriend, lover, date or one of your many ladyfriends when the munchies strike. As pretty much every other red blooded man would do, you suggest going to a pub.

She's having none of it, she wants to go to a nicer place, maybe have a cup of good tea or a glass of good wine to wash down something sweet or something more appealing to the female taste than the usual beer snack. You, on the other hand, are really craving for a good pint, and you know such thing at places like, say, Louvre are pretty much unheard of (nothing personal, in fact, I love Louvre for cakes and hot chocolate, but their beer is rubbish).

There are a couple of choices that would do the job. Dobrá Trafika is a few blocks away, but you know it will be full and you want something more spacious than their small café. Literarní Kávarna Řetězová could be fine, too, but you really can't be bothered with going to the Old Town. Where to go, then?

Medúza is the answer. And a very good answer at that. Located in a quiet street, less than 200m from Nám. Míru, it became one of my favourites (and my wife's) pretty much the moment I walked through the door. It is one of those places that invite you to sit and stay longer than you planned.

Inside it's simply beautiful. The furniture seems to have been bought at flea market, all the tables are different, all in dark hardwood, and all with unmatching chairs, armchairs and sofas. The colourful walls are covered with photos and illustrations from the golden years of the First Republic. Everything matches perfectly with the Art Nouveau style chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The cherry on the pie are the porcelain sugar pots on each table, also antique shop chic, and all different. At times it makes you feel you are sitting in the living room of a rather bourgeoise grandmother.
The service adds to the atmosphere. It's rather informal, efficient and attentive. You will never be rushed to order, nor will you be given the bad eye if you decide to keep on reading well after you finished whatever you were drinking or eating.

The food menu will be just perfect for your needs in an afternoon like this. There is plenty to choose from, pancakes and crepes, toasted open sandwiches, very original salads, beer snacks (including one of best nakladaný hermelín I've ever had), some cakes and the soup of the day. Add to that a wide choice of cocktails, teas and other hot and cold drinks, including an excellent hot ginger, lemon and honey drink, and your female companion will be delighted.

And what about you and your thirst? How about Svijanský Řytíř or, if you are in the mood for it, its dark sister, Svijanská Kněžná?

Somehow Medúza manages to mix the best of many places. The good beer and snacks of a corner pub, the atmosphere of a really bohemian café and the mood of a student's bar. Take your lady there, you'll score quite a few points and the best is that she will want to go back.

Na Zdraví!

Belgická 17
Praha 2 - Vinohrady

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