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Almost like a second home

The reason why Špejchar is here will be obvious to people who know me, and know where I was living until now. Špejchar is my (former) village's restaurant. Actually, there are a couple more, but they are not worth mentioning.

It is a place where they know me and my wife by name, where they greet us when we walk by. It is the place where I go with my ceramic pitcher when I fancy drinking točené pivo at home. It is the place where we celebrated our wedding. It is the place where they ask us about our families and jobs and about our future house. It is the place where I go with my wife or friends that visit us to have something to eat or drink when we don't feel like cooking anything.
And although all that would be enough to make any place one's favorite, Špejchar is in itself very nice. It is the oldest standing building in Velké Přílepy. Originally stables dating from the 16th century (even the stairs leading to the upstairs room are a historical monument, being the original ones). Of course, since then it has been appropriately refurbished to accommodate a restaurant.

The furniture is really rustic and very comfortable. The walls are decorated with old agricultural tools and from the thick wooden beams on the ceiling hang a multitude of witches. All of that, together with the tiny windows that barely let light in, the candles in rustic metal candlesticks and even the uniforms of the waitresses give the place a very nice country atmosphere without being a theme restaurant.

During the warm months a patio opens in the back and another in the front. The one in the back is my favorite, on the one side is not at the street, and on the other, I can sit in the shade of a leafy and ancient chestnut tree.

The food is not bad at all. Nothing sophisticated, just solid hospoda food; but some things can be really good.

They stock two beers Pilsner Urquell and Starobrno 10° (though occasionally they offer special ones). I always go for the latter. Great session beer, perfectly drafted, goes down so well, specially in a warm afternoon. I just love it!

If this was not enough. The owner, Mrs Ponertová cares a lot about her restaurant, each year se adds something new; in spring, putting flowers everywhere and seeing that the playground for children is in good condition.

My wife always remembers the first time I took her there. We hadn't been together long. The moment she walked in she loved it and felt very well, and she always wanted to go back again and again. A couple of years later we were sitting almost at the same place we chose that day, eating together the wedding soup. Maybe the witches in Špejchar still have some magic in them...

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