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The Session #65: Who's lonenly?

Here I am, once again in The Session. The thing that has made me take part this time is that going to the pub alone, the topic proposed by the host Booze Beats and Bites, besides being quite interesting, still carries a bit of a stigma, a very similar one early drinking does. It seems that for some people getting absolutely hammered with friends in the evening is healthier and/or more civilised than a quiet pint or two alone in the morning. Hard to understand, pointless to argue. I don't care what those people think, I enjoy going alone to a pub or café to have a beer whatever the time of the day might be.

But being alone doesn't mean being lonely. If I go to one of my locals, chances are that I will find someone I know, someone I can chat with, at least the staff. If I go to one of those pubs that I know, but don't know me, or a new pub, I can rely on some good reading material or seek the company of my own thoughts, who can be quite fun, actually. One the other hand, it's not rare for a spontaneous conversation to start with other patrons and/or the staff. And if all that fails, if there's nobody to talk to at my local, if I haven't brought anything to read, if no opportunity for a spontaneous conversation with someone new arises, if my thoughts fail to provide anything intersting to, well, think about, there's always the beer and I'm not one who minds listening to what it has to say.

Alone? Sometimes. Lonely? Hardly ever.

Na Zdraví!


  1. Nothing wrong with going solo at all. I'll often stop for a quick drink on my way home from work. It's decompression time.

    1. Well, that's another thing, init? The quick drink between work and home to drop all the shit you've accumulated during the day in the glass and then go home feeling a lot better...


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