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Bless the differences

School Teacher, Tram Driver, Journalist, Mechanic, Chemist, Brewer, PR Consultant, Manager, Writer, Waiter, Librarian, Civil Servant, Restaurant Owner, Trader, Translator, Engineer, Sommelier, Entrepreneur, IT Specialist, Designer, Sales Representative, Publisher, Tax Auditor, Student, Travel Agent, School Director, Builder, Punk Rocker, Carpenter, Pensioner, Pathologist, Window Cleaner.

Those are the professions and trades of some of my friends and other people I often hang out with. Their ages range from twentycouple to past sixty. Their nationalities, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Italy, England, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, United States, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Germany, Wales...

The only thing, at all, that I have in common with all these people, and that these people have in common among themselves, is beer. Some earn a living out of making and/or selling it or writing about it. To others, beer is a passion, a hobby, while the rest "only" likes to drink it and to enjoy its infinite variety and nuances regardless of what labels might say.

Some of them I've met thanks to this blog, others, by chance. Some became good friends, while others are not much more than someone with whom I talk if we happen to be at the same pub. Some I see quite often, others, every now and again or whenever they come to Prague.

Whatever the case might be, beer, its world and its culture, tends to be the main topic, even if sometimes only serves as an opener to a conversation that will go through other more or less serious topics. In those moments, with a glass at hand, sitting at a hospoda, our more than obvious differences take third place. Where we come from, what we do, what we believe in or not, our tastes in food, films, music, etc. or even our political ideas or lack thereof aren't important, at most, they can spice the chat. We all like to drink and enjoy our beers and, there and then, that is the thing truly matters.

Before I became a Beer Philosopher I had developed an interest in wine. I had begun to study its world a bit, while I trained myself to be a "foodie" (a word that for some reason I've come to detest). Fortunately, my finances wouldn't allow that and all that intellectual and gastric energy was directed towards beer, without it, and without all the people I've met thanks to it, my life would be a lot poorer.

Na Zdraví!

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  1. You forgot the Welsh :-)

    1. I knew I was forgetting one country :) Considered it corrected.

  2. That was a nice summary of what beer is all about. Cheers!


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