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Wishlist for 2012

In 2012 I want:
  • To keep on drinking good beer, regardless of where, how or by whom it is brewed (not too hard, I know)
  • A couple more "čtvrtá pípa" pubs, but also more places like U Slovanské Lípy that sell only one "alternative" brand (there are times when all I want is to order "pivo")
  • Aliance PIV to keep on growing
  • Prague Beer Museum to once and for all sort out their problem with the storage of the beers
  • A top of the range restaurant to start offering a solid list of domestic and imported beers that will be announced everywhere and that will not include rubbish like Corona, Guinness Draught or Desperados.
  • The fever for extreme, hop/yeast/wood driven beers to slow down a bit and that "innovative" brewers everywhere will take the challenge of making down to earth beers with moderate % of ABV, but at the same times tasty and interesting.
  • That those brewers who have quality control or consistency problems get their shit together or shut down (they are disrespecting beer and consumers and they are taking market away from people who really want to do things well)
  • That those who are planning to open a brewery do it only if they are willing to invest on a professional kit and not before they have thoroughly worked out a couple of recipes (consumers should not finance an eventual modernization of the facilities nor professional training)
  • More beer blogs in Spanish and that their authors and the authors of those that exist already won't gaze their navels so much.
  • That the Spanish speaking media keep on publishing bollocks about beer. No, really, I must confess that it is a lot of fun to pick them apart. Of course, if they want to start giving beer the respect it deserves, they'll be more than welcome.
  • That BrewDog, etc. cut it out already with the marketing gimmicks and the bombastic rhetoric. Throwing shit at the macros (or at CAMRA) isn't exciting or cool anymore. Let your beers dictate the discourse, if you have the balls for that.
  • To travel. I want to go back to Bamberg, but I also want to go somewhere I haven't been before.
  • To read, books
  • Success for Pivo, Bier & Ale, that it grows in circulation and that it gets more advertisers. This magazine is really important for our beer culture.
  • That my book sells more copies.
That's basically it. If anyone can think of anything else, or has their own wishes, feel free to use to comments.

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  1. Do you know if there's a way for someone in the US to get a subscription to Pivo, Bier & Ale? I know I'd have to pay a bit more for postage, but I'd love to get a copy as it would be a great way for me to practice my Czech (on a topic that I enjoy, much better than grammar exercises!).

  2. Happy New Year ! I found your blog just a few weeks ago. I´m also a big Prague and beer fan. Thans your blog, it´s very intresting ; )

  3. "That those brewers who have quality control or consistency problems get their shit together or shut down" -- yes! One of the newer London breweries got their shit together in the last year, with great results. They key to it is probably being open to criticism and listening to feedback.


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