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A great idea for a Christmas present

Do you want to buy someone a really special Christmas gift? How about a book, you can never go wrong with a book, specially one that is not only great fun to read, but also practical for anyone planning to come to Prague (or even dreaming about it).

But that's not it. You can get that wonderful, unique, fun (did I say it was fun?) book with a 30% DISCOUNT!!!
Yes, that's right! You can buy "Prague: A Pisshead's Pub Guide"(Certainly, the best guide of Prague written by an Argentine) with a 30% DISCOUNT. But hurry up, you have until tomorrow.

So go to this page, My Author's Page at pick the book the whichever version you want (did you know? Now it's available in e-book format for the I-Pad!) and enter this discount code WINTERSAVE305 during the purchase. Your loved one will love it!

Na Zdravi!


  1. Great gift idea, already bought one for my self though. Love it! Looking forward to my next return to magic Prague in march, then I'll really put the book to the test.

    Best regards,


  2. Looks like U Baronky in Zelena has closed down - it had an interesting choice of beer but probably the rudest staff in town.

  3. Officially, it's closed for renovations, but I've seen countless places closing for renovations or technical reasons to never open again... "The rudest staff in town", quite an achievement :)


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