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News on the Black Ox

It seems there are some good news about U Černého Vola. One Anonymus left a comment on yesterday's post that brought my attention to some recent developments. After reading about them on the page of the petition, I decided to contact Matouš Hájek, the petition's organiser. Besides saving me some time, I thought he would be able to explain me the situation in a better way. The conlusion, it's probable that U Černého Vola has survived this. But before telling you how and why, let me tell you how this whole thing came to happen.

In his e-mail, Hájek, gave me some details that paint a pretty interesting picture. The story goes like this: Mr. Landergot, who is the current leaseholder, had decided to retire and to devolve the contract to one Mr. Benda, who's a member of the same association as him, Sdružení za zachování hostince U Černého vola (Association to preserve the pub U Černého vola). To do this he had to rescind his contract with Prague 1, the owners of the building. The town then acted exactly according to the law and opened a public tender. It was expected it would be a formality, but someone made a higher bid than Benda's.

Fortunately, it seems the authorities of Prague 1 have listened to their common sense and have decided that this coming Tuesday they will still grant the contract to Mr. Benda anyway. Hájek added that they had repeatedly told him about their intentions to keep Vola as it is, petition or not. However, I agree with him that regardless of that, the petition is important (if you haven't signed it yet, do it here, the more, the better).

It makes me feel good to know that I was able to contribute to this cause, if only with a few signatures and some strong words. Kudos to Matouš Hájek for having initiated the petition and also to the authorities of Prague 1 for having decided to preserve a small, but important, bit of the local culture.

If you are in Prague, or planing to come, do stop at U Černého Vola for a pint or two. Oh! Fuck it! Get absolutely legless there! After all, it'll be to help those handicapped children.

Na Zdraví!

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  1. Wow, that's great news!!! I always get legless at U Cerneho Vola. Somehow the Kozels go down so smooth there, after one hour I have a nice little fence on my tab and after two it looks like a lumberyard! I didn't even know that it was all for charity too! I love the pub even more now!

  2. I'll make a point of visiting next time I'm in Prague - anything to help the children!


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