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Killing time in Žižkov

The other day, as I was almost arriving at my client's office in Churchillovo Nám., my mobile rang. It was my client saying that she was just leaving the Parliament, where she'd had a meeting that had extended for longer than expected.

I got off the tram at Husinecká counting that I would have to kill around 20 minutes and what is the best way to kill time in Prague? Got for a quick pint, of course.

I quickly scanned my mental database of watering holes in the area, looking for a suitable one to stop by. I chose that small pizza place with a Ježek sign outside, almost opposite the square. It had been closed for some time, but it had recently reopened.

I got in and, even before taking a seat at the bar, I ordered a jedenáctká (for 22CZK). I'm a big fan of the multi rotating tap pubs, but sometimes I just prefer to go to a place and just order a "pivo" without having to ponder about it.

The first pint went down as if it hadn't existed and the second one didn't take long to come. As I was sipping it, the barman asked me how I was liking it. I said that I was liking plenty, thank you. (Really, the desítka and jedenáctká from Pivovar Jihlava are simple, but still solid daily drinkers). I also asked him how he liked the beer and he said he was surprised by it. When he took over the restaurant, the contract with the beer supplier was included. At first he was wary, but after tasting Ježek he ended up liking it a lot. But the most surprising thing for him, though, is that who go to his restaurant because of that beer.

Say what you want about K Brewery, but the fact is that they've done a really good job with some of their breweries. Besides, just the fact there are in Žižkov people who will choose a pub because it stocks the stuff from Jihlava deserves at least some praise.

The next day, at around 10AM, I was again in Žižkov. This time in the vicinity of Palác Flora. Once again, I had some time to kill and I decided to go to one of my usual places for such ends, Kaaba, the Lucemburská branch. It's a nice, quiet, small coffee shop where the owner usually plays music I like and where I can drink one of my favourite dark lagers, Polička Tmavé Výčepní.

I took a seat by the window and the owner asked if I wanted a tmavé, warning me that it wouldn't be the usual stuff, but Eliška, a 13º Tmavé Speciál brewed for the Chistmas season.

What a lovely beer! A perfect and subtle blend of chocolate and coffee, seasoned with a pinch of herbs and a touch of licorice. A wonder of balance, which shouldn't be surprising since the beer was lagered for 150 days. Tasty, warming, it shows that a winter beer doesn't need to be strong to do its job well.

Later a friend told me he had it at Hrom do Police. So, if you are around, the detour might be well worth the bother.

Na Zdraví!

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  1. Eliška was a fabulous beer! I really enjoyed it as a draught beer. By the way, they sell it in bottles at U Slovanske Lipy.


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