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I have a couple things to write about, but I've had a bit too much work these days, not with my book, unfortunately, but with some really long and boring translations (I must confess that it is rather frustrating to translate something I doubt many people will ever read) that I need to finish by Wednesday.

Anyway, it's Monday today. It's quite cold outside, not as much as a few days ago, but the temperature is still lovely enough. It's also snowing a bit (not as much as last Wednesday, that was insane!). I got up early and had my mandatory strong, black coffee (without it, my brain won't start up) while I got to work with that translation. After doing a few pages I got a bit hungry so I went downstairs to get a proper breakfast:
Rye bread spread with domácí škvarkové sadlo (home made pork lard with drippings) and smoked beer. Breakfast of champions.

Na Zdraví!

PS: I didn't need to wear a jacket while I cleared the snow from the entrance to the house and garage.

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  1. Hi, where did you get the Nakouřený Švihák?

  2. I bought that bottle at the Billa in Galerie Fenix, but I've seen it at other Billa branches and at the Zlý Časy beer shop, of course.

  3. More to the point, do you have a recipe or similar for making skvarky?

  4. Have a look here:


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