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Out of Nowhere

Yesterday I got an e-mail that surprised me for two reasons: That someone bothered to send me an e-mail announcing an event, instead of waiting for me to find about it on the web, and the very nature of the event and its organisers.

They call themselves "Pivní archív restaurace U Balbínů", something like Archive Beer Restaurant (coming from "Archivní Víno", wines meant for long aging). I had no references about them, but whoever they are, what they seem to be doing looks really interesting.

This weekend (Dec. 19/20, from 10 to 5) they are organising a presentation of really special beers: Sam Adams Utopias, Bass King's Ale 1902, together with some Belgian Stuff and Vintage Beers of limited editions, among others.

The event will take place in Jungmanová 22, Prague 1 and the entrance is free (or at least the e-mail doesn't mention an admission price).

Because of family reasons I won't be able to attend, but I've already arranged an interview/visit once the holidays are over. I'm really looking forward to knowing what this enterprise is about.

Na Zdraví!

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  1. Sounds interesting.I popped past today, they have Bulovka dark beer, disguised as their own for 35kc.

  2. Uuuhhhh that Tmavá 14% is perhaps my favourite Richter beer.... Nice!!!!


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