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I was going to leave this post only for the Spanish speaking beer community, but since it wasn't very well received I thought I would share it with my English speaking readers as well, hoping some of you will have the same reaction

Andrés, from the Spanish beer blog Culturilla Cervecera wrote about his visit to Fortiverd SL (Sp), makers of the Bleder beers. There he tells us about the brewery and the chat he had with its owner, Salvador.

There was something in there that left a sour taste in my mouth. When Andrés asks Salvador why he's taking the risk brewing an Imperial Stout instead of a (should we call it Republican?) Stout Salvador says:
"I haven't set up this company for the business, but to brew the beers I like. I'll be fine with earning enough to make a living out of it"
However, a few lines later, we can read that the brewery has a lot of work thanks to making beers for some other brands, and that is about to increase the capacity.

It might be that I take words too seriously sometimes, but I couldn't help but seeing some hypocrisy in Salvador's statement. When I commented on that some people defended the brewer and at the same time, proved that I was right.

I've already made clear my position on brewing on order, I've got nothing against it, quite the opposite, I think it's a great alternative for both brewers and restaurant owners, etc. Nor I have anything against those who want to brew only "unusual beers".

But if you tell me you are not interested in the business and at the same time brew on order, you are taking the piss. Or isn't he aware that those "risky" beers he so much likes are subsidised by those someone is paying him to brew?

The, perhaps wrong, impression I was left was that Salvador believes he's on a higher level than other brewers because he "takes risks". Something that was reinforced later by what Adrés says about the Bleder beers: "they aren't the typical craft brews we are used to, which are brewed in order to reach the most possible people".

Don't know about you, but to me a "brave" brewer doesn't automatically deserve more merit or credit than another who is successful with brewing "only" good beers that aim at a wider market, provided they make their beers with respect for the consumer.

Both are different and perfectly legitimate ways to do business, each with its risks and advantages, neither, all by itself, more noble than the other.

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