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So you won't forget me

Still buried in work. I can't complain, really, but at times it becomes quite tedious. Since it's very likely that the pause will continue until the end of the month, I wanted to leave you with a little something so you won't forget that I'm still here and drinking:

To say that unfiltered beer = better beer (or worse still, "crafter" beer) is like saying that bitterer/maltier, stronger/weaker, darker/paler beer = better beer, which would be, of course, utter bollocks.

Na Zdraví!


  1. Piv, we could never forget you.

  2. Hope you are taking beer breaks, luckily the month is rapidly coming to an end.

  3. Tried to say something more nuanced than filtered=bad the other day but the complexity rarely gets across. My view is that:

    1. unfiltered isn't necessarily better
    2. but many of the most exciting beers we've had happen to have been unfiltered
    3. and that's especially true of weaker ones.

    Another 10 years or so and I might feel qualified to say that, IMO, unfiltered beers tend to be more exciting.

  4. @Bailey,

    I should mention that, when given the choice, I usually pick the unfiltered version of a beer. Usually, but not always, there are a few bees, specially weaker ones, that I prefer filtered. That is specially true when drinking rather large volumes, for some reason, unfiltered beers give me a nasty hangover.


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