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Probable pause

Is probable that in the coming days, if not weeks, you won't see much activity in this blog. I've been hired to do a huge and quite difficult (and a bit beyond my area of expertise) translation that is consuming almost all my available time.

As soon as this monster (that will pay very well) so allows, I will try to post at least the Selected Readings of last month so you will have something to keep yourselves entertained. Until then, I hope you'll be able to forgive the silence.

Na Zdraví!


  1. Bills need to be paid!!!

    Max, estare en Praga desde el 30/12 hasta el 6/01, a ver si quedamos para tomar una. si queres que te lleve alguna cerveza de aca, avisame

  2. I'll miss your blog. Hopefully time exists for a beer(or two).

  3. If you have time for a pause in your translating, you might want to pop over to Beer Nut's blog and check out his series of posts on beer in Argentina.

  4. I've been following it (and sharing it with the Argie crown in FB). Great read...


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