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Spreading ignorance

Mariano Braga is a sommelier from Argentina who keeps a very interesting wine blog. Not long ago he added to it a new section called "Miércoles de Cerveza" and you know what? It's not bad at all! Specially if you consider that its goal is to open the minds of an oenophile audience.

It's evident that Mariano takes things seriously and, more importantly, has respect for his readers, and that's why, instead of talking about a topic he might not know so well, he left the section in charge of his brother Marcelo, himself a micro brewer.

Unfortunately, Mariano seems to be an exception among wine specialists, many of whom don't have any issue with spewing nonsense about something they know fuck all about, like beer. Such is the case with José Tomás, a Spanish oenologist and sommelier, who in this article can be read saying (from the original in Spanish):
"One of the types of beer, the 'lager' (with a lower fermentation) 'are very dry in the mouth' and are usually the pale ones with a white head that goes down quickly. Depending on the malts that have been used, it will be more or less carbonated. On the other hand, there are the 'ale' beers (with a double fermentation, in storage and in the bottle). 'These are sweeter with a head that goes down more slowly', says José. Unlike the former, which are served as refreshment, they are used to combine with foods. 'They are denser'. Their color, according to José, links the drink to the kind of roast. The pale ones have it milder while the black beers will have a harder one. But still, all kinds of mixes can be made among them."
What the fuck!?! Mate, how many beers have you had in your life? Two, three at most, and all of them at home while watching a reality show on the telly!

It's really incredible. I'm sure that Mr José Tomás knows a fuckton about wines. About beer, however, he doesn't seem to know much more than I know about the liturgy of the Coptic Church, and you don't see me here speaking about that, do you?

But it's not the ignorance of this git what irritates me so much. This bloke isn't one of those (unfortunately many) bloggers who in their free time copy and paste pretty much anything that Wikipedia throws at them, or publishes press releases of brewers and distributors without even reading them. I've got no problem with those people, after all, they don't expect anything in return for their "work". But this twat is spreading his bollocks at the tasting courses he's giving, for which I'm sure he gets paid a few monies, which puts him at pretty much the same level as that Nigerian Prince that sent me a very affectionate e-mail earlier today.

There are in Spain quite a few people who know quite a lot about beer. I'm sure that there are many among them who would be more than happy to cooperate in projects like the ones mentioned in the article. Why the fuck then don't the people of the Cuinare get in touch with any of them instead of keep on hiring charlatans like José Tomás? Can it be that all of them there are nothing but a bunch of charlatans who enjoy ripping off their clients?

Na Zdraví!

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