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Seasonal experiment

Strawberry season is in full swing in our garden and every afternoon it's time to pick the red fruit, just like we did yesterday.
Besides eating them fresh (with a touch of freshly ground black pepper for me, please), we like using the strawberries for many things, my favourite perhaps are jahodové knedlíky
But we are still waiting for the really big ones to ripen to make those babies. In the meantime, with yesterday's harvest my wife, thinking about the wellbeing of our daughter, made a strawberry shake with whole milk and I, thinking about... well, I don't know what I was thinking about, really, made another shake, an experimental one, with a handful of strawberries, a few leaves of mint and peppermint and half litre of wheat beer.
I mixed everything adding the beer slowly and the result was awesome. Bitter, with notes that reminded me of the brettanomyces found in Lambics and with the mint giving it a fantastic twist. I would have loved to try this with Scheider Hopfenweisse (TAP 5, for friends) or with a dash of aged Rum, anyway, it was still very interesting, delicious, refreshing and quite filling. Highly recommended.
Na Zdraví!

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  1. I once had this great beer from the Abita brewery in Louisiana, it was a strawberry beer, but unusual, since it was not sweet at all, but rather fresh and only slightly fruity. Best flavored beer I ever had!

  2. That sounds really nice! I bet it would go well with some vanilla ice cream in this sort of weather. I may try something like this in the future, the only thing I've ever been experimental with was a bottle of Brooklyn Black Choc Stout mixed with half a bottle of Timmermans Kriek. :)

  3. So you've given up on brewing your own beers?

  4. Not completely, only until I get rid of this cantbearseditis I'm suffering...

    Ghost, Vanilla Ice Cream doused with this cocktail, that sounds nice!

  5. That sounds delicious! Who needs homebrewing when you can just make cocktails :) I'd be tempted to add some strawberry liquor as well for more punch (I had a champagne cocktail made just like that at the weekend and it was sensational!)

  6. Truly impressive! Strawberries are now at their best, I will try it as soon as possible!
    I fancy beer cocktails! :)

  7. Looks great. I'm going to do this, the minute the sun comes out.

  8. Great idea! I just tried it out today. Very refreshing in the hot sun! Nothing like fresh strawberries and beer.


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