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Anyone in Barcelona?

The wonders of globalisation! I write a book sitting in a small room in a house in a village near Prague, I publish it through an American company and people from all over the world can order it either in print or pdf. And that's not the best.

I get an e-mail from someone in Barcelona. This person tells me they would like to sell my book at their shop. We agree on a price, quantity and conditions and I, sitting in that small room in that small house in a village near Prague, order it to this American company with just a few clicks and typing a handful of words. A little over a week later the copies of my book "Praga: Guía Cervecera para Borrachines" arrive in Barcelona.

So if you are around there and fancy reading the best beer book written by an Argentine living in the Czech Republic drop by 2d2dspuma, in Manigua. But hurry up, there are only 25 copies.

Na Zdraví!

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  1. well I have had my copy for over a month and very good it is too,there are to my knowledge at least 2 copies in Scotland


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