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One question

Some time ago one of my clients told me that I should set up a Facebook page for my blog. At first I simply dismissed the idea, but then I started thinking about it. The main issue I have with it is the contents.

Setting up a Facebook page just as a mirror of this one is a waste of time, really. If I'm going to be bothered with it, I would like to offer something extra, besides keeping it active and updated, not like some I've seen around. But what? So, my dear readers and friends, what sort of contents would you like to see in an eventual Facebook page? And, perhaps more important, is it really worth the bother?

Thanks for your advice.

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  1. First of all - I am biased. I am not on Facebook (and perhaps contrary to popular opinion - I can live with that :). So I hate when people/companies start to make advantages for the "chosen people" on FB.
    On the other side, I can understand that the reactions on FB could be pleasant for the author (even though what kind of information does getting tones of "Likes" give, except massaging his ego? ;)

    Either way, please try not to discriminate the "common web people" :) Thanks!

  2. Anonymus,

    Yours is a very good point and one I will certainly take into account. My decision has not been made yet, and it's possible that the FB page will never happen. But I still want to see what sort of ideas people can bring to the table.

    Thanks for your opinion.

  3. I have Facebook, and I am a keen reader of your blog. Facebook is something I could live without, but on the other hand it could be useful.

    Besides posting links to your new posts on the blog, you could posts some of your experiences and thoughts which are too short for a normal blog post of reasonable length on FB, and your fans could comment on them, I thinks thar, perhaps, communication would be more direct and quicker... Not that I am a hige FB, but I think it does have advantages.

    Personally, I think that's not a bad idea.

    And a happy new year, since this is my frst comment in this year.

  4. instead "hige FB" there should be "huge FB fan", I'm sorry for my typing error.

  5. I came to this same crossroad some months back and decided to set up a page for the blog. I've neglected it horribly and only post on it about once a fortnight--best case. But it doesn't seem to harm anything to have it. Probably wouldn't harm anything not to have it, either. I'd say this is one of those rare decisions where the consequences can be counted on to be mild.

  6. Agree with everything posted Beer reviews plus updates on breweries in Czech Republic also updates on decent bars not much to ask :-)
    But do not take on to much

  7. I find FB to be a great hassle so I use Twitter its just easier, if you don't have the time for twitter you just miss out on a few day worth of tweets and that's it.

  8. Twitter is another option I considered. In the end, I came to the conclusion that I can't be arsed with it. I don't like the 140 or so character limit. They make sense when you are on the move and perhaps working with a mobile or something like that, but that's not my case. I only connect through my old and decrepit desktop PC :) BTW, I'm still waiting for those news you mentioned in your last e-mail...

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  10. The way you use Facebook today is good. Link FB to your blog. Not sure if you were considering a true business FB page, but it would seem your Pivní Filosof page serves that purpose.

    If you want to use Twitter, you can link FB to Twitter and Twitter auto-updates with your FB posts.


  11. I've just stumbled upon your blog while reading a restaurant review and from what Ive seen I'm really enjoying it. As to the question in hand. The point about facebook being a mirror of this page can be true, and if taken as so I can see the view of it being a waste of time. Maybe the question should be looked at from another angle, as to what Facebook can add to this blog, and I think that is straight forward.... audience. Facebook is a social network phenomenon, and could increase your blog readers substantially. Use Facebook as a marketing tool, it spreads like ripples on a pond when you throw a stone.

    Thats my humble opinion of someone who has just found this blog and will return and who uses facebook regularly.


    Steve Sandells
    Valencia, SPAIN

  12. Steve,

    Welcome to the blog and thanks for your comment and suggestion!


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