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Two in one

I like finding good combinations of beer and food, but, as I've said before, I usually don't bother with that, specially when I go for lunch to a pub. There I just take a seat, order a pint of a beer I fancy and then order whatever catches my attention from the lunch specials, being that most of what catches my attention is pub grub I can be pretty assured that the food will go fine with whatever beer I will be drinking.

That was basically what I did the other day at Pivovar Bašta, one of the best places to have lunch in Prague. I don't usually order soup anymore, but that day they had one of my favourites, kulajda (a typical Czech sour soup, with dill, mushrooms, eggs, etc.), and I couldn't resist. For main course I chose a beef stew with spinach and potato knedlíky. The beer was the house polotmavé, simply because I like it more than their světlý (BTW, with the recent expansion it seems this brewpub has finally solved the consistency problem they had due to lack of capacity).

The place was packed and the taps were a bit temperamental that day, so I got the soup (which was lovely) before the beer. When I had the first sip I was a bit surprised, I thought they had changed the recipe. Never before I had felt the Saaz so up front in this beer, whatever it was, I had no complaints, it was pairing beautifully with the kulajda.

The main course arrived a couple of minutes after I had cleaned my bowl, it was also very good. After a couple of morsels I drank a bit of my polotmavé and noticed something pretty curious, the beer had changed, the hops were almost gone, having been replaced by nice malty caramel notes. Remarkable. It was like having two beers in the same glass. I had never experienced something like that, what about you?

Na Zdraví!

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  1. Yes, we've had this a few times, which is why we never quite trust our own palates! Sometimes, we're both drinking the same beer, but one of us has eaten and the other hasn't, so we'll vehemently disagree about whether a beer is very bitter or very sweet. It's quite disconcerting.


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