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Alternative 2010

No, this is not a political party.

The Czech Beer Festival is about to begin and, on the same day, Zlý Časy will also kick start their own alternative, or in the words of Hanz himself, parasite, mini-festival.

Actually, more than a festival this is kind of beer parade. Just like last year, only the products of micro-breweries from all over the Czech Rep. will be on offer. They expect to reach 50 breweries represented by at least one of their beers, among the ones already confirmed will be the new brewpubs from Kladno, Most, Pácov, as well as the already well known Kocour, Matuška and Kácov. All will be on 27 taps (there will be three installed in the patio) and will be available in 0.5 and 0.3l measures.

So if you are in Prague between the 14th and 31st of May and have already been to the big festival (or not), drop by Nusle to enjoy of a much quieter event.

Na Zdraví!

Zlý Časy Festival
Čestmírova 5
+420 723 339 995
Praha 4

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  1. I'll be there from the 18th to the 21st.
    If anyone notices 2 Italian beer-fellas... stop by and have a pivo with us.
    Thanks for the always useful info, Max.

    Emilio, Italy
    lagradisca AT email DOT it

  2. This is quite handy because it coincides with my parents visiting - they arrive tomorrow. :)


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