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PF 2010

We had a veeeery quiet New Year's party yesterday. At home, sitting watching the telly (there was some really good live music on ČT2) drinking some beers, eating very little (I had prepared a really wicked guláš for dinner, but we went to visit a very good friend of us who stuffed us with some really wicked roasted goose, so we weren't hungry. Doesn't matter, the guláš will be today's lunch).

We had put Nela to sleep at around seven, but she woke up in a very good mood some time after 11. She wanted to celebrate with us and see the fireworks. She loved them, you should have seen her face.

We welcome the new year with a bottle of Mikkeller Draft Bear, an (Ron is going to love this) "Imperial Pilsner" with 8% ABV. It tasted a bit like Jihlavský Grand with American hops (Amarillo and Cascade).

In a way, this first beer of the decade pretty much sums up what I hope 2010 will be: nice, interesting, with a few bits to make it more fun, satisfying, but not very surprising at the same time.

Šťastný nový rok pro všechny!

Na Zdraví!

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    Lots of good wishes and a lots of good beer and beer experiences!
    Nazdravlje! Na zdravi! Cheers!


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