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For Gourmands

Next Thursday, 22/1 at 7PM, at Pivovarský Klub, a very interesting event will take place. It's aim is to prove that beer can be a great pairing with food, just as good or even better than wine.

Evan Rail has been doing something liek that with Hotel Mandarin Oriental. Thematic tastings paired with food prepared by the reknown restaurant of the luxury Malá Strana hotel. The really steep price of 1200CZK per head, however, has surely left out many people who would have otherwise loved to attend.

Based on the same idea, the beer temple in Karlín, together with the Slow Food groups, has organised this event, called "Pivo v poháru i na talíři" (beer in the glass and on the plate). A five course dinner (soup, warm appetizer, two main courses, dessert), each made with beer as ingredient, and each paired with a carefully selected beer. If you like the food, you will also be able to take the recipes home.

It isn't exactly cheap, 500CZK per person (333CZK for Klub card holders), but it isn't just a dinner, it's more like a seminar.

Reservations can be made by e-mail at, or by phone at +420 222 315 777. Pivovarský Klub's address is Křižíkova 17°, Praha 8 - Karlín.

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