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Short news

I've got little time, but I still wanted to post something before the month is over.

As I had promised myself I would do, I stopped by Zlý Časy. And, as it had been anticipated, they were tapping those three beauties from Zvíkov. While I was enjoying every drop of my pint of Rarášek (which was followed by a gorgeous pint of Tmavé 13°), the owner told me that, taking advantage of the national holiday on Thursday and the de facto holiday on Friday, he will go to Karlovarksý Kraj on a tour of brewpubs, with the intention of bringing a few samples to tap at his hospoda. The excuse, the official opening of their patio on Saturday.

There will be beers from Sokolov, Chýše, Velký Ribník, Forman and maybe more, at least one sample from each. Most of these beers have never seen the light in Prague, and that is a very good excuse to make your way to Nusle this Saturday afternoon. Those who miss it, might not have a second chance, at least not anytime soon, since they want to sell everything that day. Unfortunately, I am going to be one of those who won't make it there, which makes me a bit sad. But things aren't so bad. For next week they have in the pipeline three beers from Herold (Golden Lager, Granát and Tmavé). And that is not too shabby.

So my friends, if you are in Prague on Saturday and fancy doing and drinking something different, take trams 11, 18 or 24 to Nám. Batrří Symku. The party begins at 2PM

Zlý Časy
Čestmírova 390/5
140 00 Praha-Nusle