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From the land of the giant

Krakonoš is a character of Czech and Polish folk tales. He is a gentle giant that lives in Krkonoše, the mountain range in the north of the Czech Rep. It is said that he looks after the forests that cover the mountains and might help people in distress who deserve it. He is shown as middle age man with a long thick beard, always smoking one of those typical Czech pipes; he wears a broad rimmed hat and a thick cape, both dark green, and uses a long walking stick.

Trutnov is a town at the feet of the Krkonoše hills, and the local pivovar is called after this jolly giant, who appears on the label of all their beers.

As many others, Krakonoš brews an Easter beer, and this is the one I'm going to tell you about.

I really like the design of the labels from Pivovar Trutnov. This one in particular is a bit funny because it shows the giant wearing a more summer outfit (he almost looks as Charlon Heston in the 10 Commandments)

I had tasted this beer, fermented at 14°balling, a couple of years ago. I didn't think too much of it then, so I was curious to see how, or if, it had changed.

After pouring it we can see a beer of an intense golden colour, almost orange, with no visible carbonation. Just by looking at it we know we are not in front of your usual golden lager. I felt sweet apples and pears on the nose (autumn fruit rather than spring) with some, almost burnt, caramel notes and mint. When drinking, it is the apple that takes the lead while the caramel notes gain in intensity as the beer rolls down my mouth. The finish is long, very dry and herbal. The aftertaste is surprisingly fruity, a very nice contrast. A very nice beer, much better than I remembered. Pretty good to sit down and enjoy it slowly, maybe while having a relaxed chat with friends.
Krakonoš seems to be one of those regional breweries that have improved their game in recent years. I hope they keep it on, and that it will help them survive.

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