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What? You didn't have enough?

If you either missed both of the beer orgies that took place last week, or for some reason you were left wanting more, don't worry, two more beer events are coming, both very closely related. Their scale is a lot smaller than those that have just finished, but that doesn't make them any less interesting.

The first one is on Tuesday, June 9 at 5PM at Pivovarský Klub. It isn't a festival proper, but a session of beer and cheese pairings. The beer, of course, will be provided by the temple in Karlín, the cheese, but Cheesy a chain of really good shops specialised in, what else, cheese.

Reservations only by phone at:

+420 222 315 777
Pivovarský Klub
Křižíkova 17°, Praha 8 - Karlín

The second event will take place a few days later at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and its called "Objevte svět piva – pšeničná piva" (Discover the beer world - Wheat beers). It is organised by the beer portal Svět Piva, the same people that put together last year's Christmas Beer Festival.

The festival starts on Friday, June 12 and goes through the 14th. Just like last year's one, it will be divided in several sessions with a maximum capacity of 200 attendants. The sessions are as follows:

- Friday 12/6: 6-10PM
- Saturday 13/6: 1-5 and 6-10PM
- Sunday 14/6: 1-5PM

Admission price is 150CZK and includes, among other things, a beer sample. Tickets can be reserved here or bought at the places listed here.

As the title suggests, the beers will all be wheat and there will bee samples of domestic "pšenky", together with Belgian and German ones, including oddballs like Berliner Weisse or Gose, which people will be able to pair with a cheese selection and food prepared by Essensia Restaurant

Hotel Mandarin Oriental
Nebovidská 459/1
Praha 1
(entrance by Hellichova)

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