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Some months ago I got my own domain and the URL of this blog changed from to

Back then I didn't consider this worth mentioning because Blogger would automatically redirect traffic to the new address without any intermediate step. However, I noticed that since a few days ago whenever someone clicks on or tipes the old address they are met by a kind of warning screen that could scare a few people before they accept going to the new address.

That's why I would like to ask those of you who've been kind enough to link my blog from your websites to update the address. And also, if there is anyone who subscribed to the feeds before March this year, you will probably need to do it again if you haven't received any updates.

Thanks and Na Zdraví!


  1. It redirects automatically for me - goes straight to the new site with no warning screen

  2. Yeah, I've noticed. But it was happenning at the weekend....


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