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For those, few, of you that still refuse to believe that beer can be perfectly compared with wine in terms of sophisticaton and, to a certain extent, mystique, I recommend you read this post in Ron Pattison's blog titled Barrel Aged Russian Stout. If you still haven't clicked on the link then, let me tell you that it is about Imperial Stouts that used to be brew on a one batch a year basis, matured in casked and then aged at least a year in bottles. There is a part mentions how weather conditions affect the cuality of eatch of the batches, just as it happens with wines. What are you waiting for? I am not going to reproduce the whole article!

Actually, Pattison's blog should be a mandatory read for all beer lovers out there. Believe me, it is fascinating.

Na Zdraví!

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  1. Hey,

    Why don't you start doing the same thing with Barley Wines, RIS, or Belgian Dark Strongs? Make a batch a year, you could be doing vertical tastings in a few years? Sounds like more work then it is, if you want to oak it, use cubes or spirals? Great post though, I love RIS!


  2. Believe me, I want to, and I will once I can start brewing bigger and have more space for everything.


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