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Hectic, but Beertastic day

I knew very well that last Wednesday was going to be a long day, but I never imagined it would be so hectic. The only thing I had planned for that day was the Beer Dinner at Celéste that evening. Things started to change at the weekend when my great friend Gunnar wrote me saying he would be a few days in Prague. The only day I knew I was going to have any time was actually Wednesday, so we agreed to meet in the afternoon to at least have a couple of beers together. Monday brought a new change. I had planned to go to the embassy to renew my passport, but it turned out that Monday and Tuesday were national holidays in Argentina and the embassy was closed. No big deal, I would have to go a bit earlier, which would mean that I could meet with Gunnar for a late lunch, too. When I was on my way to the city I got a desperate call of another good friend, Hanz, owner of Zlý Časy . A surprise visit was on his way and he urgently needed someone who could help him to communicate with this p

The Session #49: A ‘regular’ beer

I hardly ever take part in The Session . I usually don't find the topics very relevant to my beer world, but this one is an exception. This month it is no other than Stan Hieronymus , one of the fathers (or is he THE father) of this project, who  proposes the following topic: A Regular Beer . Being a beer lover, I can say I'm blessed to be living in the Czech Republic. Yes, it is true that if we are speaking in terms of "variety" or "innovation", it would be pretty fair to say that Czech brewers leave at least a bit to be desired, but if it is "regular beers" we are speaking about, this place is close to heaven. I like "extreme", "innovative", "weird", "experimental", "whateveryouwanttocallthem" beers. I can enjoy drinking them (provided they are good) as much as the next über beer geek, and I also celebrate their existence, because they can prove better than anything else that "beer"

Got anything to do on Wed. 9/3?

Serendipity. I can't think of a better word to describe the genesis of this story. It all started last September when a food a travel writer from Honk Kong was coming to Prague on assignment from the magazine she works for. She needed someone to help her out with the local beer scene and fellow blogger Brewsta told her to contact me. We agreed to have lunch at a brewpub on a Wednesday in early October and then to visit a couple more pubs to show her what all this čtvrtá pípa thing was about. The evening before our meeting she sent me a message saying that a last minute interview had come out at a restaurant in the centre of Prague. She was supposed to be there at two, so she asked me if we could meet for lunch a bit earlier. To make up for the inconvenience, she said I could join her and her photographer in the interview. I saw no problem with that, I'm not the kind of person that would easily refuse the possibility of a free meal or two. The restaurant in question tu